Clipper Quick Kit

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Start Over

Continue to personalize your CustomFX Clipper!

Easily change out the taper control and bottom cap for a new look!

Package includes

(1) FX870 CustomFX Clipper Taper Control of your choice and
(2) FX870 CustomFX Clipper Bottom Cap of your choice

Taper Control Instructions:

  • Turn Clipper to OFF position.
  • Take your mini screw driver and carefully remove the taper control from the clipper housing/body by unscrewing it.
  • Take your new color taper control and attach it to the clipper housing/body using your screw and mini screw driver. 

Bottom Cap Instructions: 

  • Take your mini screw driver and remove the 3 screws from the bottom cap.
  • Current bottom cap can now be easily removed from the handle. 
  • Insert new color bottom cap in place and insert the 3 screws back into position. Use your mini screw driver to adhere screws securely.